Oh hey! What are you doing here?

Oh-! Sorry

No no, it's ok, it's just I'm not really ready to put this out there yet.

What is it?

Well it's going to be the home base of this sort of long form project I'm going to be doing. The idea is to get me to try out some more creative outlets and take in more new things.


Things like painting and wood working, or longer term stuff like learning an instrument.

Oh so arty stuff.

Arty stuff yea, mostly at least. I also want to give myself little runs on learning about different subjects. Like maybe I spend a month looking into Russian history or try to fill in the gaps in my understanding of physics. I plan on having long term runs too, like maybe learning to speak French. Kind of a self administered curriculum.

Any reason?

Umm, I've just been feeling stalled out lately. My day job as a programmer doesn't scratch any of these itches. When I was younger I used to draw and write and was much more creatively active; I want to give that back to myself. Right now all I have is improv, and while I love improv, it feels more like playing than creating.

When do you plan on opening up?

I should have it open pretty soon I guess. I need to figure out a couple little organization points, and there will be more I have to figure out later of course. Right now I'm just getting ready to actually get into doing some projects so I can have some actual content. Having actual content will help me figure out how to organize things and how to best present them.

Cool man, well good luck.

Thanks! Oh sorry I never introduced myself. Maybe we've met before, I can't really tell from here, but I'm Dustin.

Oh nice to meet you.

Thanks for popping by. Check back later in February and hopefully I'll have some progress!

Yea will do!



Well they seemed nice.