Some trees

I wanted to try something that required the layers to sync up more directly, to see how big of a challenge that would be. It's not that bad but you can see where I missed the mark. I started off trying to just free hand the black bits, but I eventually decided I'd need to sketch the general shape of the trees on the backing so I could line things up.

Also, as you can see, this time I left the backing paper on the plexiglass until I was finished, so I didn't get to see how it looked until I was finished. It's fun to reveal it to yourself that way, but it would have been helpful to see how things were going as I went. Mostly I noticed that I don't have a very steady hand, which isn't helped by the smooth surface of the glass. There's not much friction to help guide your stroke, and it doesn't pull paint off the brush much.  I'll try something more detail oriented again, and I have some other strange ideas to play with, but I also want to give normal canvas painting a shot soon.