First real painting effort!

Ok so here's my first shot at doing something on purpose. I'd been playing through Antichamber, an insane puzzle game for PC, so those shapes were bouncing around my head. Originally they were supposed to be sort of ribboned, like, instead of flat shapes, they would be folded over and into themselves, I realized after I sketched it out that I didn't know how I was going to do that, since I wasn't outlining them, and I'm not really sure how to do shading in reverse. So I didn't. This wasn't exactly intentional, but I like the wood grain effect of the background. I wonder what could be done with that effect if it was deliberate.

I sketched out the shapes on some paper then taped it to my plexiglass, which is handy. I'm pretty bad at making steady lines and sharp edges. I thought about taping it up but that seemed like a huge pain considering the shape. I've since picked up an x-acto knife so I can try maybe cutting out stencils for things like this.