Round 1

I finished my first test batch with Alex's hand-me-down supplies. I'll attach the photos below. The color is weird and there are reflections in the glass, but good enough for a blog post. I'll probably have to get a reasonable camera for this whole project since I will theoretically be posting many pictures and phone pictures won't quite cut it.

Disclaimer: these are all just "go for it" experiments.

photo 1 (6).JPG

This accidentally looked like a little turtle. You can see the difference in brush effects in this one pretty good. The not green is put on thicker, so it's very flat and clean, vs the lighter green. You can also see a little bit of the weird behavior you get from painting over. There's a weird ridge on the top of the shell, and you can see some waving/smearing near the tail. You can also see some cracking along some of the green strokes.

photo 3 (2).JPG

Sort of intentional bird guy. You can see a little more of the waving on his tail, which i think could actually be an interesting effect if done deliberately. Also with the thinner layers in which you can see the brush strokes, I think I might be able to play with texture if I handle it differently. Like if I'd done a lighter layer of green in front of the darker layer, it might have been interesting.

photo 1 (5).JPG
I wanted to see what scraping off the first layer of paint would look like. Could be useful.
photo 1 (4).JPG

I actually kind of like this one. I wish i had better colors but I like the dark bit in the center. I want to play more with a drier brush for this kind of look. I'll probably play with this concept more.

photo 4 (4).JPG

Here's the backs of them all. One nice thing I discovered about this process is that I can throw these in a bucket of water and peel the paint off. Which means I can just keep reusing the same glass over and over unless I really want to leave something intact. It looks crazy when the paint is coming off though, and if you're careful you can pull it off all in one piece. I imagine there has to be a fun use for this.

These were from a little while ago, basically the day after the last post, I've just been sitting on posting. I've started my next round of playing, so more to come!