Reverse Painting

I decided on my first project! Reverse Painting! I first saw reverse painting at my old favorite bar in Richmond, The (now defunct) Belvidere. They would feature different artists and they had this one guy from Russia who was gunned down by the mob for owing them money. The full story was pretty interesting but all his paintings were reverse paintings and I hadn't heard of that style before. Basically you paint directly on the glass in layers, so you have to paint the foremost details first then layer on through to the background. It also means you don’t really get to see what it looks like until you’re finished and it dries. It makes painting actual things difficult, but I love it for abstract stuff. I really like the way the paint looks on the flat glass as opposed to on a canvas. It's smooth and shows the brush strokes in a unique way.  The paint also behaves differently on the smooth surface, so that should be fun to experiment with. I actually already have a lot of different slightly crazy ideas that I’m excited to try out, but I want to run through some fairly standard stuff first to get the hang of it.

I'd ordered some supplies from amazon but my lovely and supportive girlfriend brought me some extra paint and such so I could play around. I grabbed the glass out of some frames I wasn't using and dove in. Most of the stuff is waiting to dry so I can finish them up. I plan to post everything I do even if it's garbage, at least in the blog, so there should be some more actual paintings here soon!